Pragmatic Works Virtual Mentoring

Have you ever been in a situation where you were stuck for an answer? I mean really stuck? I sure as heck have been. Being in a spot where I really needed an experts opinion, needed to be able to get some one on one help with a problem. Unfortunately, there never seemed to be anyone else around, someone who could take the dedicated time to help with my issue.

When I came to work for Pragmatic Works, I found out about this cool program we have called Virtual Mentoring. The concept is pretty simple. You buy a block of hours from one of our sales guys. Don’t ask me how much it costs, I try to stay out of the money side of things. You can contact one of them if you are interested (

So once you get the hours you call up and get some time scheduled with one of our consultants. Our support folks pair up the type of problem with the right person. You answer this short questionnaire that helps describe the issue, and how long you think you’ll need.

On the appointed time you and the mentor join a virtual meeting space, such as GoTo Meeting or Windows Live Meeting (it’s setup ahead of time) and away you go. You can share desktops, and have a good conversation about the issue.

I’ve done several of these acting as a mentor, and it’s really cool. Most times it’s one on one, but one time I did speak with an entire team.

For some reason our mentoring program doesn’t seem particularly well known, so I thought I’d take a moment to pass along the info. I sure wish I’d known about this years ago!


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