Introduction To Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

At the Atlanta SQL Saturday 2009 one of the presentations I am doing is “Introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence”.

You can download the slide deck for this presentation in PDF format.

Any sample code came from either my Intro to SSIS presentation or the book Programming SQL Server 2008.


4 Responses to “Introduction To Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence”

  1. Julie Smith Says:

    I enjoyed your presentation Saturday. Thanks for doing it.

  2. SQLAuthority News – Big Thinkers – Robert Cain « Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave Says:

    […] Before I answer the question what is big thinkers and why Robert is a big thinker, let me tell you when did I last come across his blog. I was looking forward to learn about BI and I searched for the same in the search engine. I found the following article of Robert. I right away downloaded it and read it through and through. Instead of reading my experience about this easy-to-follow and crisp article, I would suggest you all to experience it yourself. Download the PDF from Introduction To Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. […]

  3. PP Says:

    Excellent article, learnt few new things. Looking forward to see more on BI…

  4. Tanoy Roy Says:


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