Jumpstart Today

Just wanted to mention my video, Altering SQL Server Full Text Catalogs is the video of the day on JumpStartTV. This is great timing after my weekend presentation of FulL Text Searching at the Alabama Code Camp. Thanks to everyone who attended my session, you were a lot of fun. Thanks also to the whole Code Camp team for putting on a great event. Also thanks to the contestants and the MVPs who allowed me to draft them into being judges for the Speaker Idol contest.

If you happen to pick this up after Ground Hog’s Day, you can jump right to it at http://jumpstarttv.com/altering-sql-server-full-text-catalogs-_547.aspx . You can see all of the videos I did at http://jumpstarttv.com/profiles/3177/Robert-Cain.aspx, along with the videos I’ve watched.


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