Alabama Code Camp with Speaker Idol

Update: Due to a scheduling conflict, the date of the Alabama Code Camp has been pushed back to January 31st. We apologize for the inconvenience but hope the extra time will make it easier for everyone to plan to attend.

The next Alabama Code Camp will be Saturday January 17th 31st, 2009 in Montgomery Alabama. Call for speakers is open, so check back to the site soon for registration, session schedule, and more.

Also at this event we’ll be having the Alabama Speaker Idol contest. The object of this contest is to encourage new speakers to step up to the Code Camp level. During lunch we’ll be giving new speakers each five minutes to do a presentation. The detailed rules are below, but the big news is the grand prize: a 1 year MSDN Premium Subscription!

Update: Registration for the event is now open, you can register at

Alabama Speaker Idol Rules

1. Presentations are targeted to be five minutes in length, presentations can vary from 4:50 to 5:10 without penalty. Presentations under 4:50 or over 5:10 will be penalized.

2. As the object of the contest is to encourage new speakers, professional speakers, MVPs, and speakers at previous code camps are not eligible. However, someone may participate and also be a speaker at the Jan. 17th 31st, 2009 code camp as long as this is their first time speaking at a code camp.

3. In addition to length, speakers will also be judged on clarity, technical accuracy and content.

4. In addition to the judges, code camp attendees and other members of the pubic may be in the audience during presentations.

5. Judges will be composed of attending MVPs and other notable attendees. As with most of these things, scoring is largely subjective. The result of the judges is final. No whining, crying, or complaining.

6. To participate in the contest you must e-mail your name, title of your presentation, and contact cell number (just in case) to with Alabama Speaker Idol in the subject header. All submissions must be received by noon, central standard time, Friday January 16th 30th. (edit to reflect date change)

7. Due to time restrictions, the contest will be limited to 15 participants. In the event more than 15 submissions are received, 15 contestants will be randomly drawn from the pool of submissions. All others will be placed on the stand by list. In the event of a no show on the day of the contest, we will randomly draw a replacement speaker from the standby list.

8. The order of the speakers will be drawn at random just before the presentations begin. All presentations will take place during lunch at the code camp.

9. The winner will be announced at the end of the code camp day.

10. These rules may be amended as the Code Camp Committee deems fit in order to facilitate a more orderly, better code camp.


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