A Tale of Excellent Customer Service

In this day and age, we hear a lot about bad customer service. Complaints, bad reviews, negative publicity abound on the internet. So for a change, I thought I’d share a tale of excellent customer service.

Last night I tried to install UltraEdit. In my last post I mentioned having bought a new hard disk, and am still getting everything set back up. As part of UltraEdit’s setup, I had to enter my authorization key. For some reason, I couldn’t get the software to accept my key, event though I knew it was valid.

So this morning I e-mailed their customer support address. Less than 15 minutes later I get a response. I figure it’s one of those automated “we got your message, will reply in 24-48 hours” like most companies send. But no! This was an e-mail from a real live person named Renѐe.

The problem was a conflict with Vista SP1’s security, under non-admin mode it wouldn’t let UltraEdit write whatever it needed to, to save my registration info. All I had to do was right click on the uedit32.exe and Run As Admin. That time it took my authorization and saved it correctly.

After getting it fixed I let Renѐe know it had fixed the problem, and even got a “Thank You” e-mail for letting them know. Wow! Within 20 minutes of sending in my support request my problem was fixed and I was a happy camper.

Kudos to IDM Computer Solutions for a great product and even better customer support, and thanks to Renѐe for such a quick and courteous experience.