Announcing Alabama Tech Events

Just do it. So goes the old marketing made popular some 20 plus years ago by an unnamed shoe company.

For some time I have heard, over and over, that we in the state of Alabama really need some centralized location to announce tech events. You know, user group meetings, code camps, events, and the like. The events don’t even have to be held in the state, just close enough to be of interest to folks here in Alabama. So this week instead of dutifully updating my blog, I’ve instead been hard at work on a new creation. After hearing “someone ought to…” I was either foolish or brave and decided to be that someone and “just did it”. Without further ado, I am happy to announce:


Alabama Tech Events

The purpose of the site is to post all upcoming meetings, events, and other articles of interest to the IT community in the state of Alabama. The site will be platform agnostic. I don’t care if your event is Microsoft, Linux, Apple, or based around some other platform. But let me make it clear, this is far from a solo effort.

I need the help of user group leaders throughout the southeast. If you have a group, are having regular meetings or a one time special IT event, let me know. I will give you the ability to create and edit your own posts as you need to. And that goes for groups / events in neighboring states as well. Alabama’s central location in the South East makes it ideal for easy commutes into adjoining states. If you are in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee or Mississippi by all means contact me and we’ll get you adding your events as well.

This isn’t limited to just user groups either, we will welcome business to post their events, as long as it is indeed an event of appeal to at least a segment of the IT community. About the only thing I’d say no to right now is job postings / resumes, there are plenty of other places built to handle that kind of thing.

One question I’ve already been asked, why a site for the whole state? Why not do one for each major city? Several reasons.

First, people do travel, so if I know there is going to be a user group meeting in a city I’ll be visiting, I’ll be sure to attend. Second, in some areas of the state there are user groups within a reasonable driving distance of each other. I live in Birmingham, so if a really major speaker were coming to say Montgomery, it would be an easy drive down that I would do in a heartbeat, as I’m sure many others would.

So there you go, a new site for the folks in the great state of Alabama to learn about tech events. I’ll say it one more time, if you are the leader of a user group, or an event planner or are somehow otherwise involved in tech events please contact me and let’s get you posting on Alabama Tech Events.


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