Birmingham User Groups

Birmingham is blessed with a wide variety of user groups. I’m doing a brief presentation today at our internal company user group. Do you have a lot of developers that work for your company? Maybe you should start your own user group. It’s a great place to meet with other developers in your organization, make new friends, and learn a few new techniques. But enough on that, here’s a list of just a few of the user groups in this area. The last link goes to the TechBirmingham site which has a comprehensive list of user groups in the Birmingham area.

Steel City SQL – SQL Server User Group

Birmingham Software Developers Association

Birmingham .Net User Group (BUG.NET)

Internet Professional Society of Alabama (IPSA)

Birmingham UX Group (User Experience)

SOA Society (Service Oriented Architecture)

Birmingham Microsoft Management Users Group

RubyHam – Birmingham Ruby Users Group

TechBirmingham Listing of Technology User Groups


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