SQL Server 2005 Learning Resources

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in the SQL Server realm, learning all I can about it as both a database and business intelligence platform. Turns out to be a far more complex, and fascinating subject than I’d first imagined. I thought that you too might find some of the same resources I’ve been using useful. All of these are free, which is a great price.

Rather than putting them all here, I’ve updated my Arcane Links page (https://arcanecode.wordpress.com/arcane-links/ ) with a new section on SQL Server 2005 Resources. Over the holidays I plan to update the links page with fresher links, local user groups, etc. I’m also working on learning SQL Server 2008 as well, so look for those links upcoming shortly.

A timely mention, the RunAsRadio that was released this week (episode 36, see the RunAsRadio link in the links page) has an interview with Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal. Not only was it a great interview, they let it slip they’re actually considering doing a show. If you’d like to see a SQL Server show, please leave a comment over on Carl Franklin’s blog (http://shrinkster.com/sv5 ) and let them know. Personally I’m thrilled, there’s a lot of good shows on Visual Studio but only one good one that I know of for SQL Server, SQL Server Down Under (again see my links page). If you know of other shows let me know by leaving a comment here. I figure there’s plenty of room for more and Kim and Paul would be a great duo.

Over time my posts will catch up with what I’m learning, and I’ll start getting more into SQL Server content as time goes by. Meanwhile check out the links and learn along with me.


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