Voice recognition using Vista

I spent a few minutes yesterday evening relaxing and activating the voice recognition features of Windows Vista. While I still have a good learning curve, it seems like this can be a really useful tool. I would suggest however that you should definitely go through the tutorial if you wish to use it for yourself.

It is also going to take time for you to learn the commands and the ins and outs of speech recognition, just as it is going to take vista time to learn your voice.

So far I have found that some programs, such as Microsoft Word, seem to work pretty well. Other programs, such as Firefox, don’t seem to hold up. In Firefox I found that dictation did not really work well at all. For those cases it might be easier to keep a copy of notepad open, dictate into it, then cut and paste.

By the way, I created this entire post using speech recognition. I admit it was a little frustrating but as I have worked through it, and gotten a little more proficient with the commands, it has gotten easier.


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