Arcane Thoughts: Has Microsoft become Big Blue?

Back in the early 80’s when Microsoft first came on the marketplace, it was IBM who dominated. They had the OS, they had the computers. While they dominated the business environment, they weren’t seen as very responsive to the home consumer. (Anyone remember the IBM PCjr?)

Enter Microsoft, who came out with slick applications designed for “the little guy”. They were quick to market, had cool offerings that worked, and were reasonably priced. Oh how times have changed.

Much like IBM in the 80’s, today Microsoft is a dominate player in the enterprise marketplace. They own the desktop market, have a enterprise ready database in SQL Server 2005, their Great Plains accounting and CRM software are major players in their fields. And don’t get me started on their awesome development tools.

But when it comes to the home market they seem to keep missing the boat, with I admit the notable exception of the XBox. For example, their One Care virus software failed miserable in head to head tests with other antivirus software (,129722-page,1-c,viruses/article.html). And while they claim high numbers, I hear little in the blogosphere about the new Windows Live website. And then there’s Zune.

Clearly Microsoft needs a change. Either change the model, as IBM did to focus on the business areas they are so good at, or get some new leadership to recapture the lead in the consumer arena.

But hey, that’s just my Arcane thinking, I could be wrong. Leave your opinion…


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