Outlook and “Macros are Disabled” error

One error some people seem to be getting when trying to run macros in Outlook is: “The macros for this project have been disabled.” It then goes on to tell you to review some help that isn’t very helpful.

The scenario is generally the same, you create your macro and it runs fine, you close Outlook and when you re-enter the macros no longer run. Some blogs suggested lowering your security settings, or signing the thing, but I tried both of these to no avail.  

The only way I was able to solve the problem was to follow these steps:

  1. Copy EVERYTHING out of your VB macro project, into a text file. Save the textfile to your drive. 
  2. Close everything, reboot the computer.
  3. Go to your C:\Documents and settings\<yourusernamehere>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder.
  4. Either delete the file VBAProject.otm, or (better and safer) rename to VBAProject.old or some similar name.
  5. Open Outlook
  6. Reopen the VB Macro editor
  7. Paste in the code from your text file.

After doing the above, I was able to start running the SaveAttachements macro I blogged about yesterday. From my research, no one is really quite sure why this headache occurs, and why this is the only way to fix it, but it does work.