Arthur C Clarke, in his “Profiles of the Future” book said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I’ve been working with computers since the late 70’s and sometimes I still feel like it’s magic. And as a programmer, there are those moments when I’m a sorcerer, getting the computer to perform it’s magic to my command.

In this blog I plan to focus on technology issues, focusing on development topics. I am a long time Visual Basic (and before that Basic) coder, but now make my living writing C# code for nuclear powerplants. I also manage a team of developers, keeping up with their work and providing a little guidance and training along the way. I’m also delving into the SQL Server 2005 and SharePoint worlds, as part of a large Business Intelligence project we’ve initiated.

I’ll wrap up this first post for now, but plan postings in the near future on the various tools and topics I use in my daily work. I also have a personal blog, check out


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