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SQL Saturday Atlanta #285–Everything You Ever Knew About SSIS Is Null and Void

For the SQL Saturday #285 in Atlanta, May 3rd 2014, I am presenting “Everything You Ever Knew About SSIS Is Null and Void”. You’ll find the presentation itself at:


All of the SSIS samples including the simple SSIS packages, SQL Scripts, and Slides will be available there shortly.

The main pieces of code, the SQL scripts to  monitor SSIS, can also be found in my TechNet Gallery:


Thanks for attending!

SSIS Training Resources

I’ve been asked to provide links to some useful resources for learning about SQL Server Integration Services. Below are a list of my favorite blogs, books, and other sites to learn from.

A quick disclaimer, some of the links below are by co-workers or other people I have an affiliation with, financial or otherwise. That’s because I’m lucky enough to work with some of the best people in the field. Also, in the case of the books I’ve linked to the Kindle version where possible, mostly because I’m a Kindle junkie. There are paper versions of the books, and you are free to buy from your favorite retailer.



Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services: Problem, Design, Solution – I’m a big fan of problem / design / solution books. They do a great job of teaching you how to solve real world issues. The chapter by Jessica Moss on package configurations is especially useful, one I refer back to often.

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services – This is another of those big thick books (1000+ pages if you decide to lug around the paper version) that covers the gambit of everything you ever wanted to know about SSIS but were afraid to ask.

Knight’s 24-hour Trainer: SQL Server 2008 Integration Services – This is one time where I suggest getting the physical book, as it is accompanied by a DVD full of videos focused on SSIS. They will take you from an absolute beginner and walk you through each of the most used Tasks and Transformations used in SSIS. If you want to get up to speed fast on SSIS this is the book to get.



Jamie Thomson – Better known as the SSIS Junkie, Jamie posts some really advanced topics on his blog.

Andy Leonard – Andy is a whiz at SSIS, and does a great job at both teaching and consulting.

Christopher Price – A very active blogger on SSIS.



Pragmatic Works Webinars – On our website we have a big catalog of past webinars (all of which are free to watch), many of which focus on SSIS. 

Pluralsight – Pluralsight has an extensive catalog of courses, including an SSIS course. It’s subscription bases so there is a modest fee (starts at $29 US per month last I checked) but well worth it for the training you can get. There’s also a free trial.

SQL Share – This site takes a new twist on videos, in that each video is very short and very focused on one specific task. Lots of good stuff on here on SSIS, much of it by Brian Knight. Free.


For a quick link to this post, you can use http://bit.ly/arcanessis.

Task Factory–File Properties Task

My last video on the Task Factory Compression Task was well received, so I thought I’d build on it with a video on the File Properties Task. It’s a cool little tool that will grab any of the various attributes associated with a file. If you want to see more about Task Factory, you can head on over to my employers website, Pragmatic Works.com

Task Factory–TF Compression

In previous posts I’ve been working through some of the Task Factory components. As many of you know I went to work for Pragmatic Works earlier this year. Since then I’ve been learning all our tools, and since there’s no better way to learn than by teaching am creating blog posts about these tools.

Today I thought I’d look at the TF Compression Task. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, not sure what that converts to in term of video but I feel it must be a lot. So without further delay, here is my video showing how to use the TF Compression Task. You can also find it directly on You Tube at http://bit.ly/tfcompression

SSIS For Developers at DevLink 2010

I have the honor of presenting at DevLink 2010 today. DevLink is a great conference in Nashville, TN, this year attendance topped 800 people. In my session,  SSIS For Developers, we’ll look at how SSIS, commonly used in Data Warehousing, can also be used by most developers to solve issues that frequently come up in the course of their job. Data conversion and exporting data are two good examples, and we’ll also look at how to call your new SSIS job from your .Net application.

There are two code demos used during the presentation, both available at my Code Gallery site. The first is the basic SSIS For Devs demo with the three packages. The second is the more complex example showing how to call SSIS from your .Net application.