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Paid Blogging

Over on today’s blog post, Robert Scoble mentions some company that does pay per blogging. It’s an interesting concept. After all, folks like John C. Dvorak have been getting paid to talk about their opinions for years, they just do it in a magazine format or on TV. How would it be wrong for an average joe to get paid for his thoughts? Of course there ought to be a few basic rules.

First and foremost it should be disclosed there is payment going on, and who is coughing up the bucks. And second, it ought to be clear if that payment has an effect on the posting. That helps us to understand the difference between a true opinion piece like the afore mentioned Mr. Dvorak might write, and something that resembles a late night infomercial.

I can think of a lot of reasons why someone would not want to accept money for a blog, or certain situations why it might not be appropriate. On the other hand, I can think of some situations where it would be OK to get paid for their thoughts. After all, we we don’t own our thoughts, who does?

Oh, and just for the record, I ain’t making squat for this.


Arthur C Clarke, in his “Profiles of the Future” book said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I’ve been working with computers since the late 70’s and sometimes I still feel like it’s magic. And as a programmer, there are those moments when I’m a sorcerer, getting the computer to perform it’s magic to my command.

In this blog I plan to focus on technology issues, focusing on development topics. I am a long time Visual Basic (and before that Basic) coder, but now make my living writing C# code for nuclear powerplants. I also manage a team of developers, keeping up with their work and providing a little guidance and training along the way. I’m also delving into the SQL Server 2005 and SharePoint worlds, as part of a large Business Intelligence project we’ve initiated.

I’ll wrap up this first post for now, but plan postings in the near future on the various tools and topics I use in my daily work. I also have a personal blog, check out