Arcane Links

Birmingham User Groups

Steel City SQL – SQL Server User Group

Birmingham Software Developers Association

Birmingham .Net User Group (BUG.NET)

Internet Professional Society of Alabama (IPSA)

Birmingham UX Group (User Experience)

SOA Society (Service Oriented Architecture)

Birmingham Microsoft Management Users Group

RubyHam – Birmingham Ruby Users Group

TechBirmingham Listing of Technology User Groups

BizTalk Resources

Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk Blog

Jon Flanders Blog

Charles Young Blog

Lee Graber Blog

Scott Colestock’s Trace of Thought

Richard Seroter’s Architecture Musings (Current Blog) (Previous blog from Microsoft)

Brian Loesgen Blog

SQL Server 2005 Resources

SQL Server Podcasts (or Podcasts that have had SQL Server Episodes)

SQL Down Under Podcast

Run As Radio – several episodes have been devoted to SQL Server, as of this update see episodes 36, 25, 24, and 20

.Net Rocks! – Quite a few SQL Server episodes, a few are: 228, 217, 199, 178, 172, 110, 99, 93, 74 to name a few.

General SQL Server Skills

SQL Server 2005 Developer Productivity Guided Tour

TechNet Webcasts: SQL Server 2005 Skills

TechNet Webcasts: Kimberly Tripp teaches SQL Server 2005 for the IT Professional

TechNet Webcasts: Troubleshooting in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server Webcasts from PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server)

SQL Server Webcasts from – Aggregates video/podcasts. Many of these point to the Microsoft videos, but there are others here as well.

Business Intelligence

TechNet: Overview of BI in SS2005

Reporting Services

TechNet Webcasts: SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

DNRTV: Adam Cogan on Reporting Services Part A

DNRTV: Adam Cogan on Reporting Services Part B

DNRTV: Adam Cogan on Reporting Services Part C

DNRTV: Bill Vaughn on SQL Server Reporting Services

Integration Services

TechNet Webcasts: SQL Server Integration Service

Analysis Services

TechNet Webcasts: SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Data Mining

TechNet Webcasts: SQL Server 2005 Data Mining

Compact Edition

DNRTV: Bill Vaughn on SS2005 Compact Edition

CLR in SQL Server

DNRTV: Bob Beauchemin digs into SQL CLR

Other Resources


Robert Scoble
Coding Horror
Scott Hansleman
Chris Sells
Jeff Barnes
Frazzled Dad
Virtual PC Guy
Rory Blyth

Netcasts (Podcasts, video casts)

TWIT (This Week In Tech)
Security Now
Cranky Geeks
ASP.Net Podcast (Wally McClure)

System Tools


Text Editors

Add Notepad2 to Right Click menu

Visual Studio Add-Ins

SlickEdit Gadgets
MS VS 2005 Enhancements

Copy Source as HTML
Paste As…


CodeRush Training Videos


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