About Arcane Code

Rccain_biopic_hat_512x512Robert C. Cain (http://arcanecode.com) is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC.

Robert has years of experience in both the Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence tool set, as well as Microsoft PowerShell.

In addition to his live training events, he has partnered with Pluralsight to provide a rich catalog of online, on demand training. You can find his catalog at https://www.pluralsight.com/authors/robert-cain . If don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, feel free to email us at free@arcanetc.com and we’ll send you a trial code good for 30 days at Pluralsight.

Arcane Training and Consulting is pleased to partner with Linchpin People providing consulting services to a variety of customers.

A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQL Saturdays. Robert has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields including manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications and nuclear power.

19 Responses to “About Arcane Code”

  1. ankit Says:

    will u please give me the harmful code of windows service
    and web service,i want to study how through an harmful windows service can harm our pc hardware,andhow much.

  2. Chad Says:

    Love the site, looks great, great information, however, you need to add a search feature, and especially a back to step 1 button on all the how to create a windows service tutorials. I have been trying to find the root document, (part 1) and the way you named the paths in the address bar and the lack of search of your index makes it pretty hard to find the beggining of the article.

    If you add search or a better way to navigate, your site will be even better.


  3. arcanecode Says:

    Chad – If you go to the Arcane Lessons page you will find just what you were looking for, various lessons organized into step by step topics.

    As for searching, I thought about it but you can do it yourself with Google. Just type in your search phrase, and at the end of your search query add site:arcanecode.wordpress.com . This will restrict your search to just my site.

    Ankit – Sorry, don’t think so.

  4. Rein Hermens Says:

    Hi Robert, nice site! Came here on my search for FTS enhancements…

    Do you know if it is possible to query all the items in the generated catalog. I mean when you define FTS on a table/column(s) combination an index is generated, you can query using contains/freetext for known words. But i want to see a list (like an index in a book) of all words in the index… I hope i make myself clear!

    Thanks in advance – Rein

    (BTW I also started my career on a Tandy TRS 80 Model ? but the first one was with a cassette deck, only sequential files, next version with a ‘huge floppy’ !)

  5. arcanecode Says:

    Hi Rein,

    Thanks for the nice words. Unfortunately, SQL Server 2005 doesn’t expose the index you are talking about, so there is no way to query it and see what the data is. Your reaction is probably like mine, “What were they thinking???” Seems like an obvious thing to want to do.

    Fortunately they fix that in SQL Server 2008, but until it arrives you don’t have a way to see what words are in your index. Sorry.


  6. Matt Slay Says:

    Congratulations on the MVP!!!!! Cool stuff.

  7. Andrea Witzke Says:

    Can anyone help me? I am trying to get my hands on a French Thesaraus for SQL? We would lke to incorporate a “spell Check” into the search, but without the Thesaraus…..it is not gonna work!
    Any assistance, hints, leads……would be very much appreciated!

  8. RobinECooper Says:

    I am the proud new owner of Zune 120…I can’t open it until the 25th…I am so excited!!! Thanks for the suggestion…

  9. Larry Hardeman Says:

    Hey big guy,
    Guess I will see you in Montgomery!

    Take care.

  10. Pushkar Says:

    How can I divert all the network traffic (incoming as well as outgoing) through a single process? For eg. Kapsersky Internet Security 2009 manages to divert all the traffic though itself (process named avp.exe).
    Please help!!

  11. ERic Phee Says:

    I am new in C#, it really nice to have this kind of webside that very helpful, thanks to Arcane Code.

  12. Todd B Says:

    Simply Awesome! Best site of this type I’ve seen, hands down, bar none. Good work.

  13. Poco Says:

    I have installed MS Virtual PC 2007 SP1, edited menu.lst and /xorg.conf with the necessary details as instructed by Ray’s tutorial. I am now having problem with the Mouse as it is trapped in the Ubuntu desktop and would not be released until you hit the ‘Right ALT’ This is annoying. I tried installing Virtual PC Additions but it keeps coming with an error message as ‘setup interrupted cannot remove additions’

    Please help me. What do I need to do?

  14. Clint Says:

    Hey! Fantastic blog, I’ve only been here 10 minutes and already found great help. I’m a .net newbie looking for anything that can help me wrap my head around this behemoth….


  15. Chapter 13 — Full-Text Searching « sqlPerspectives Says:

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  16. Arpan Karmakar Says:

    I want to move some images from Excel to PowerPoint using VBA. I have got the following code which Opens the powerpoint file goes to the sheet mentioned in the code, but not able to paste the image in PowerPoint. Please help!

    This code is wokring fine in terms of copying the image, opening the powerpoint file, selecting the sheet mentioned, but not able to paste the image in powerpoint.
    Sub CopyTable()
    Selection.CopyPicture Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=xlPicture
    Call CreateObjectExample
    End Sub
    Sub CreateObjectExample()
    Dim objApp As Object

    Const ERR_APP_NOTFOUND As Long = 429
    On Error Resume Next

    ‘ Attempt to create late-bound instance of Access application.
    Set objApp = CreateObject(“PowerPoint.Application”)
    If Err = ERR_APP_NOTFOUND Then
    MsgBox “Power Point isn’t installed on this computer. Could not automate PowerPoint.”
    Exit Sub
    End If

    With objApp
    .Presentations.Open Filename:=”C:\Users\karmakaa\Desktop\Reports\OGM\Template.pptx”, ReadOnly:=msoFalse
    .ActivePresentation.SaveAs Filename:=”C:\Users\karmakaa\Desktop\Reports\OGM\Template2.pptx”
    End With

    Set objApp = Nothing
    End Sub

  17. Flo Says:

    Thanks so much

  18. SQL Server MVP Deep Dives (book for charity) | Kimberly L. Tripp Says:

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