Task Factory Upsert Destination

Inserting and updating records is, without a doubt, the most common operation performed in any SQL Server Integration Services package. What a headache though, having to determine if the record exists, whether to insert it, stage it, etc.

All that goes away with the Task Factory SSIS Upsert Destination component, part of the Task Factory suite from Pragmatic Works. With one simple control you can handle both inserts and updates with ease. This video shows you how incredibly easy it is.

Task Factory Case Transform

The Case Transform, an SSIS component in the Task Factory suite from Pragmatic Works, allows you to easy correct the capitalization mistakes found in many source systems. This video demonstrates how easy it is to use the Task Factory Case Transform SSIS component.


Task Factory Address Parse Transform

Addresses. They are one of the biggest headaches for any ETL developer. Trying to clean up poorly, inconsistently entered addresses can be a real headache. Fortunately the Address Parse Transform, part of the Pragmatic Works Task Factory SSIS suite, is your aspirin. In this video you will learn just how easy it is to clean up all those bad addresses.


Task Factory – Replace Unwanted Characters

One of the most common tasks for SSIS developers is to replace characters or words in a column with a new set of characters, or a new word. Sure, you can use a derived column transform, then fiddle around with substrings, but geez what a pain that is. Fortunately Task Factory, a suite of SSIS components from Pragmatic Works, has a great tool to make this quick and easy: The Replace Unwanted Characters transformation. This video demonstrates how easy it is to use.

Disclaimer, In case it’s not obvious I do work for Pragmatic Works.

Task Factory Advanced E-Mail and SMS Task

I’ve been continuing my learning process of my companies Task Factory suite. Building on my previous work with the Compression task (video) and File Properties task (video) I’ve now created a new video about the Advanced E-Mail and SMS Task. After compressing a file, e-mailing it out seemed like a natural thing to do, so this falls in nicely with the previous videos.