Podcast Junkie Week – THE Show

“So what is the one show I should listen to?”

“What show is the most important?”

“What is your favorite show?”

All great questions, and today I’ll answer all of the questions with one name:

Security Now

Yes, a podcast about security. I’m sure you are probably thinking “dull dull dull”. But my friend you’d be so mistaken.

First off, security is everyone’s business. Attacks come in all forms, and any good developer, DBA, or admin needs to know what forms they take and how best to protect yourself from them. Even if you are just a computer user, you need to know the basics of how to protect your system.

I also find the hosts very entertaining. Leo Laporte plays the role of the “every man”, asking the same questions you or I would. Steve Gibson is the security sage, the dispenser of internet safety and wisdom. I personally find his voice and style to be very relaxing, sometimes I feel like I’m right there in the coffee shop with him having a discussion.

Steve also has the ability to make complex subjects understandable. He draws on analogies to clarify the deep technical jargon and make it clear. I also appreciate the weekly security updates segment. Not only does Steve let you know about the latest security alerts, but tells us what they mean to us and how we can protect ourselves.

Finally I want to point out the incredible dedication Steve has. As of July 9th 2009 Security Now has been on the web for 204 weeks, and has published 204 episodes. In that time he has not missed one single week putting out an episode. I know that even during the December holiday season when so many other podcasts go into hiatus, each week an episode of Security Now will continue to appear on my Zune.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse into the life of a podcast junkie. If you want to help my addiction feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments for the day most appropriate to the subject. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch another podcast.

Podcast Junkie Week – Guilty Pleasures

Most of the podcasts I watch / listen to are related to my work in the computer field. But we all have to have some fun in life, and there are some podcasts I listen to or watch just for that reason, pure fun. Here’s some that will keep you entertained in various ways. Note there are a few that use language considered “not safe for work” (nothing too vulgar but perhaps a bit beyond what some would consider polite conversation). I’ve marked those with “explicit” at the end.

Car Talk – I’ve been a fan of Click and Clack long before the MP3 was invented. They brought their show to the web as a weekly podcast. I find it to be a great parenting tool too. When the kids begin misbehaving during a long road trip, all I have to do is wave my Zune around and threaten to play Car Talk and boy they straighten right up.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – This show takes a humorous look at the week’s news. It blends interviews and a game show like format with regular panelists to provide an enjoyable way to look at the gloom that is normally the headlines.

DiggNation – Don’t ask me why two guys sitting on a couch drinking beer (or hot tea) and talking about the weeks most dugg stories is so fascinating, but it is. I typically set aside Friday evening as podcast night, watch Cranky Geeks, Tekzilla and wrap it up with Diggnation. (explicit)

Carpool – I just discovered this show, and have been quite enjoying it. Robert Llewllyn, better known as Kryten from Red Dwarf, had an innovative idea for a podcast. He picks well known people up and gives them a ride to work. Along the way he interviews them and records it all on multiple cameras. I know it sounds a bit odd, but take a look. I’m surprised myself at how thoroughly I have been enjoying this little show. (some episodes can rate the explicit tag, depends on who he is interviewing. The Stephen Fry episode is quite safe and is probably my favorite so far).

Car Tech – If you love cars, you’ll love Car Tech. See cars through the eyes of a geek.

No Agenda – If you enjoy conspiracy theory, or are amused by it, this is the show for you. Twice a week John Dvorak and Adam Curry will discuss the news in ways you probably haven’t thought of. At the very least it will make you think. (explicit)

Sherlock Holmes Adventures – Old time radio comes alive again as the old time radio shows are reborn as MP3s. These are a great way to relive “the old days”.

This week we’ve looked at a lot of podcasts, but I’m asked “what is the one podcast I should be listening to”. Believe it or not I have an answer for that. And I’ll tell you what it is. Tomorrow.

Podcast Junkie Week – The Computer Industry

As a developer I think it’s important to keep up with general trends in the computer industry. They have a direct reflection on what we do. I’ve found a nice selection that are not only informative but also entertaining. I think you’ll enjoy them too.

Buzz Out Loud – I start each day off with this daily CNet podcast. A panel of experts discusses the latest industry happenings in a very entertaining manner. It’s available in both audio and video formats.

PCMag Radio – Each week the editors at PCMag (formerly PC Magazine) get together and cover the weeks hottest topics.

Windows Weekly – Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte cover the latest in all things Microsoft in this entertaining and informative podcast.

Tech5 – John C. Dvorak has been around as long as the PC, each day he delivers his wisdom in 5 minute chunks. John also does a weekly video round up of the news called Top 5 Tech 5.

Cranky Geeks – John Dvorak has another show well worth watching in Cranky Geeks. This weekly half hour show gets John and co-crank Sebastian Rupley together with two industry pundits to discuss the weeks big topics.

TWIT (This Week In Tech) – Every week Leo Laporte assembles a panel of industry experts to discuss the events of the week. The discussion is always lively and interesting.

Tekzilla – This weekly video podcast has Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont showing off the latest gadgets and answering viewer questions. Not only is the show informative it’s also very enjoyable to watch, they make it quite fun. In addition to the weekly show there is a daily one minute tips cast you can subscribe to.

Data Security Podcast – Security is important to everyone, this show is a weekly news show that covers the latest in security news and views.

GeekBrief – Cali Lewis is a delightful bundle of energy, each day she does a five minute video to show you the coolest and geekest in gadgets. Just plain fun.

Loaded – Also a daily five minute show, but Natali DelConte brings a bit of a different spin to daily tech news. Natali is very professional in her presentation while also being very personable, a tough balancing act but she does it well.

Buzz Report – Molly Wood does a weekly wrap up of the week’s news that is just plain fun. I probably should put this in to a “Guilty Pleasures” category, which is just the very topic we’ll be looking at tomorrow.

That’s plenty to get you started, with this selection you’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening with the computer business. Tomorrow we’ll have some fun!

Podcast Junkie Week – Dot Net Development

If you are a .Net Developer it’s real easy to feed your Podcast addiction and become a Podcast Junkie like me. Here’s my favorites for keeping up with the wonderful world of .Net development.

DotNetRocks – The grand daddy of .Net podcasts, Richard and Carl now have well over 450 shows behind them. One of the oldest, some of the older shows are well worth listening to even now as they talk about practices and principals we still use today, not to mention the current shows delivering up to date news on .Net.

DNRTV – Hand in hand with the audio podcast is the DotNetRocks TV show. When audio is not enough, DNRTV steps in to show what you heard about in DotNetRocks.

DeepFriedBytes – I love this show, Keith and Woody interview folks and do it with a real flare of Southern Hospitality. Not only do they have interviews with interesting people but you get good ideas for new deep fried foods! I also love the “rusty washers” segments.

Hanselminutes – Each week Scott Hanselman does an interesting, creative interview with people all over the coding spectrum. It’s typically half an hour in length so easy for those with a short commute. Scotts style is very relaxed and enjoyable.

The Thirsty Developer – While most of the episodes lean toward .Net occasionally they throw in a show about non Microsoft topics, such as the recent show on HAML. I think it makes a nice balance to see what folks are doing who may be using tools different from mine.

Herding Code – Similar to the previous podcast, this one primarily focuses on .Net but takes occasional forays into other subjects.

Misfit Geek – This is a relatively new podcast with only two episodes under it’s belt. Both have been interesting though so I’m hopeful to see more in the near future.

Channel 9 – The site for Microsoft produced podcasts this is a firehose of information for all .Net developers. No matter what your specialty if you work with Microsoft tools there will be something here for you.

Whiile these ought to keep you busy for a while, I know tomorrow you’ll be eager for more. While keeping up with programming is important, I also think it’s vital to keep up with industry trends. The roll out of new computers and OS’s has a big effect on the life of a developer. In addition I also think it’s valuable to remember there are a lot of folks who work with computers all day who are not coders. Thus tomorrow we’ll take a look at the list of podcasts useful for knowing what’s going on in the computer industry.

Podcast Junkie Week – SQL Server

OK, I admit it! I am a complete and total Podcast Junkie. I listen or watch hours upon hours of podcasts each week. In large part they are how I keep up with what is going on in the industry, but they are also a great way to relax. I use my Zune and either listen or watch, or hook up my Zune 120 to the big TV and watch there. I have mentioned podcasts before, but it’s been quite a long time so I thought it was time to give an update on my current list of favorites. Hopefully you will find some good ones too.

We’ll start the week out with SQL Server related podcasts. There aren’t many, but they do exist.

SQL Down Under – Hosted by MVP Greg Low, each episode is an interview with someone interesting in the SQL Community. While the show is not regular, the past episodes are well worth listening to.

SQLServerpedia – This is a cornucopia of topics, they vary in length and frequency but are very useful, practical how to videos on a wide variety of SQL Server topics.

Voice of the DBA – Each day MVP Steve Jones brings you an interesting and informative editorial on subjects in the SQL Server world.

RunAs Radio – Strictly speaking this is not a SQL Server show, however Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes do bring SQL Server related episodes on a fairly regular basis. In addition many of the topics covered are of interest to SQL Server DBAs and thus is well worth the listen.

JumpstartTV.com – In the strictest sense the videos at JumpstartTV are not podcasts, since you must view them on their site and cannot download them to a portable media device. However their content is just too good not to pass along. There are a wide variety of short, focused videos, 3 to 5 minutes in length on average. Each video shows how to do one and only one thing, and most focus on the SQL Server realm. (Disclaimer, there is some video content on the site I produced.)

That’s all for today. If you have some suggestions on podcasts related to this subject, please leave a link in the comments below.

Tomorrow we’ll look at some of my favorite podcasts related to .Net development. On Wednesday we’ll look at podcasts about the computer industry in general. Then we’ll take a break and look at podcasts that are simply just for fun. Finally we’ll wrap Podcast Junkie week up with what is not only my favorite podcast but probably the most important one you’ll ever listen to.

Happenings in Arcane’s World

I just wanted to take a second to pop my head up and say “Hi!” It’s been a busy few weeks for your humble Arcane Coder. Last week I finished my technical edits for my book chapter for the upcoming “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives” book. My chapter will focus on Full Text Searching.

I then worked on getting ready for the upcoming BSDA LINQ Bootcamp event, which takes place at the end of July. If you’d like to attend this two day, free event see the notice at http://altechevents.com/2009/07/13/bsda-presents-linq-bootcamp/ or you can use the short url of http://tinyurl.com/bsdalinq. Please pass it along to all your friends.

To add to my fun I recently got a new laptop, an Acer Aspire 8730. You may recall lightening hit our house last year and fried many of our computers. Our insurance finally came through and this was the model I selected to replace a fried desktop system. So far I’ve been quite pleased with it, the 18.4 inch screen has been very nice for development. I’ve also been impressed with the battery live, have gotten close to 3 hours which isn’t bad for something this huge. We’ve nick named it “The Beast”. I’ve been busy getting all the software installed and configured.

I’m also looking forward to attending DevLink next month. This three day geek fest looks to be an awesome event, and a steal for the price. If you see me there be sure to say hi!

I’ve got an interesting series of posts lined up for this coming week, hopefully there will be something useful for everyone!

Thank You

I found out today Microsoft renewed my MVP award for the 2009-2010 year. I am grateful that my efforts to serve the community were recognized. I’m grateful to Microsoft for caring enough about the community to have setup a program to recognize and more importantly enable those who server.

I am also grateful to you, the readers and my friends in the technical community for allowing me in, for reading my blog, and letting me speak at various community events. Your support, encouragement and friendship have been invaluable.

Finally and most importantly I need to thank my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. They have endured a lot of evenings of me getting home late after an event, or seeing me face down over a hot laptop working on some new presentation or blog post. Without their love and support none of my efforts would have been possible.