TouchCursor 1.3 Released

If you’re not familiar with TouchCursor, it’s a great utility for turning the “home” keys (keys like i, j, k, l, etc) into up arrow, left, down, right, etc. For my initial review, see my post at

Now, I have an incredible story of customer service to share. Late last Saturday night I was on the forums on Scott Hanselman’s site ( ) and was having a ‘conversation’ with someone in the Productivity Tools area on TouchCursor. I wondered aloud how hard it would be to change the activiation key from the spacebar to something user assignable. So I shoot off an e-mail to the support site and head off to bed.

When I wake up Sunday, I have an e-mail from the author saying he didn’t think it would be all that hard, it’d be more work getting all the help updated. I thanked him and since I’d made the suggested offered to do any beta testing. And off I went thinking it’d be a while.

I get home from work Monday, to find an e-mail with a link to the Beta version of TouchCursor! Gleefully I download and test away, finding no issues and trying a variety of activation keys.

And what a list! Check this out, and this is just a sample:


For now I’m trying caps lock as my activation key because I seldom use it, and it’s close to my pinky just between shift and tab. Seems the most natural so far. But to get back to my story…

I reported my results back, and on Wednesday morning got the e-mail the new version had been released! Talk about swift response.

Take a look for yourself, download the current version at . It’s shareware, so you can try it before you buy, and buying is pretty painless, a mere twenty dollars (US). There’s even a “no install” version, in case you want to run it as a portable app from your USB drive.

TouchCursor has made it to the short list of must have tools in my arsenal. After service packs, virus protection and firewalls it’s one of the first things that gets installed. I challenge you to try it for 30 days and see if you don’t get hooked!

Standard Disclaimer: I have no financial association with Rare Pebble Software, other than having purchased the TouchCursor software. Just a very satisfied customer.