Happy Programmers

According to the Secret Society of Happiness (http://www.sohp.com/) today, August 8th is National Happiness Day. It got me to wondering, as a developer or IT professional, what makes you happy?

For me it can be the little things. When I added a third monitor to my setup at work, I was happy.

When I get “that” problematic section of code working, I’m happy.

When I learn about a new .Net class and learn it’s in’s and outs, I’m happy.

When I get to learn some new tech, such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), I’m happy.

When I get to hang out with other geeks and get into really arcane conversations about the nuances of some technology, I’m happy.

When I’m driving down the road, with no accidents to block my way, listening to a new podcast, I’m happy.

Most of all though, is when I meet with a user to find his needs, then in a few hours can come up with a solution for him. To hear the user say “wow, I spent hours gathering that data every week, now I can get it in a matter of minutes. You’ve saved me hours of work.” That makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

As a side note, I also have to wonder, if it’s a “secret” society, why do they have a website?