Arcane Thoughts: Go Wildcats

By now many of you are aware of the devastating tornadoes to hit the state of Alabama, mostly in the Enterprise area. I reside in Alabama, currently near Birmingham but Enterprise is my home town. I graduated from Enterprise High, and my niece is currently a senior there, and was in the school today when the tornado hit. She got hit by some debris when the ceiling partially collapsed, but wasn’t injured thank goodness.

Somewhere between 8 and 15 others weren’t so lucky, and lost their lives (as I write this there are conflicting numbers and it’s unknown if they were students or not). What you can learn from this though, is to be prepared. Weather radios are not expensive, every home should have one (I do!). They will alert you to a variety of severe weather conditions, especially during the night when you might be asleep or not listening to the radio / TV.

Have a designated spot in the house to go when severe weather strikes. For us it’s a spot in our basement. We all know it, and are prepared for it. If you have kids, grab their bicycle helmets and put them on them. Our local meteorologist James Spann mentioned that a good number of the kids who are killed in storm events suffer head trauma, and the helmet could save their lives.

What can you do now? Well those folks in Enterprise are going to need a lot of help. If you can, donate blood, I understand there is a shortage now. Money is good too, and can help with the rebuilding.  This is going to be a tough time, but I know that as time goes buy they will rebuild and bounce back. Enterprise High, Home of the Wildcats.

Go Wildcats!