Saving All Attachments in Outlook

Back on January 3’rd, 2007 ( or I posted a useful macro that would save attachments on the selected items in a folder. Since then several have written asking for a version that would save all attachments for every item in a folder, whether it was selected or not.

UPDATE: Some users were having problems downloading the code, so I’ve posted it at:

I finally had a chance to experiment, and it turned out to be very easy. To create a version that saves attachments for all items, you only have to change three lines of code.

The first line is the name of the sub. I changed

Public Sub SaveAttachments()


Public Sub SaveAllAttachments()

Easy enough. Next, the variable declaration of

Dim Sel As Outlook.Selection

Has to be changed to

Dim Sel As Outlook.Items

The final change is to

Set Sel = Exp.Selection

It becomes

Set Sel = Exp.CurrentFolder.Items

And that’s it, it works. Let me explain what’s happening. In the original, I was cycling through the Selection collection of the Outlook Explorer object. The Selection is a special type of Items collection that holds what’s selected.

For our new macro we wanted all of the items in the current folder, not just what was selected. The first thing we had to do, after changing the sub’s name, was to change the data type of the Sel variable. I wanted to get away from the specific selection collection to the more generic items collection.

Then, all I had to do was have the Sel point to the Items collection of the current folder. Since both Selection and CurrentFolder.Items both support the Items interface, everything else just worked. That’s the power of OOP!

I’ve uploaded a new version of the file as Save All Attachments. It contains this version, the original SaveAttachements, and the GetOutputDirectory function. If you are installing this new, please don’t forget to set a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library (scrrun.dll).

Select Tool, References from the VB Macros Editor. Scroll down until you find Microsoft Scripting Runtime, and check it. You’ll know it’s the right one when the file name is scrrun.dll.

[VB References Dialog]

I’ve tested this with messages stored in a variety of folders, including the Inbox. It’s based off the current folder, so it doesn’t seem to care where you are at. I’ve also gotten this to work with the calendar as well.

There you go, you now have a choice. Using my original macro you can save attachments for only the selected items in the current folder, or using this version you can save all attachments for all items in the current folder. I hope the folks who requested the change will find this fits their needs, enjoy!