Enhancing the Save Attachments Outlook Macro

Update: Feb. 28, 2007: Due to numerous requests I’ve created a branch of this macro that saves attachments for all messages / calendar items, selected or not. To see it, please see my post https://arcanecode.wordpress.com/2007/02/28/saving-all-attachments-in-outlook/ or http://shrinkster.com/mhn. There I have uploaded a new file with both the macro below and the new one that saves all items, selected or not.

Yesterday I blogged about a macro I wrote for my wife to allow her to save attachments for multiple messages in Outlook. After using it today she asked for a few enhancements. First, she wanted to be able to select the directory to save the attachments to. Second, she wanted the macro to detect that a file already existed, and allow her to rename the new file or skip it.

To accomplish the first item, I found a handy routine in a google groups thread. I’ll let you read it for yourself, the code is about half way down in a message by Joe Earnest, and can be found at http://shrinkster.com/l0v. I took Joe’s code and created a function out of it called GetOutputDirectory. I made one enhancement, at the end I make sure the output directory ends in a backslash.

For the second enhancement I used the good old scripting runtime library. Use the Tools, References menu in the VBScript editor and set a reference to the “Microsoft Scripting Runtime”, scrrun.dll. Rather than reposting all the code I’ve put the entire macro in a txt file you can download here: https://arcanecode.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/saveattachments2.txt

Here is the heart of the code

fileExists = fso.fileExists(outputDir + outputFile)

Do While fileExists = True
outputFile = InputBox(“The file ” + outputFile _
+ ” already exists in the destination directory of ” _
+ outputDir + “. Please enter a new name, or hit cancel to skip this one file.”, “File Exists”, outputFile)
‘If user hit cancel
If outputFile = “” Then
‘Exit leaving fileexists true. That will be a flag not to write the file
Exit Do
End If
fileExists = fso.fileExists(outputDir + outputFile)

‘Save it to disk
If fileExists = False Then
att.SaveAsFile (outputDir + outputFile)
AttTotal = AttTotal + 1
End If

As you can see, I check to see if the file exists and store that in a variable. I then enter a loop if the file exists, ask for a new name, then check to see if the new name exists. I stay in the loop as long as it does.

Should the user click the cancel button on the input box, I exit the loop prematurely and use the fileexists as a flag to write or not write the file.

There you go, an enhanced version of the SaveAttachments macro. Take a look at the full file I’ve uploaded, and leave a comment with any questions.