While we are on the theme of tools that snap, I thought I’d introduce AllSnap. AllSnap is a handy utility that doesn’t have much to display graphically but is a real gem. If you have ever used WinAmp, you are familiar with it’s “Snap” feature. When you get WinAmp close to the edge of the screen, it automatically moves itself to the edge. 

AllSnap is a free tool that gives that functionality to ALL windows. Available at, it’s one of those tools you will quickly get addicted to. 

AllSnap puts an icon in your System Tray, through which you can access it’s settings window. Be sure to check this out, as you can adjust things like the number of pixels you get to the edge in order to trigger a snap, whether it snaps to just the edges or a vertical and horizontal center, and much more. 

I’ve installed AllSnap on all of my systems, and it’s made life in the windows world just a little nicer.

Happy Birthday Raven

Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Raven!

Rather than doing something technical today I thought I’d give her and you a fun little gift. I’ve found a great internet comic strip by a guy named George Sfarnas called Being Five ( It’s about a five year old boy who blogs using voice recognition software. Go take a look, but don’t be drinking milk when you do. You’ll laugh so hard it’ll squirt out your nose!