Every so often you find yourself wishing you could remap your keyboard. Find a use for that oddball key you never hit. Or maybe you are on an older laptop and don’t have a Windows key. That’s where SharpKeys can come in handy.

Available at, SharpKeys easily lets you change one key into another. You can select the key from a list, or just type it on your keyboard. In this example, you can see where I’ve remapped my ` (backward single quote mark) to the Windows key.

[Picture of SharpKeys]

To add a new key simply click Add, then in the dialog that appears select the to and from keys from lists, or type them. When you’ve done all the remapping you want, be sure to click the Write to Registry button, then you can close. Editing and Deleting key mappings works similarly.

Be aware, in order for your remappings to take effect, you have to reboot your computer. Annoying, but understandable, and hopefully remapping your keyboard isn’t something you will do often.

When you need to though, it’s nice to know this handy and free utility is there for you.

Missing Family Update

Quick update, yesterday they found Kati Kim and their kids near their car where it had run out of gas on some back road. Seems they were trying to take a short cut and got lost. James Kim however is still missing. On Saturday he decided to try and hike out of the woods and get help, and they have not yet found him. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile in the Albertville Alabama area we have an amber alert.  Yesterday a lady pulled up a convienience store in her 1994 teal Nissan Altima, with no license plate. It was cold so she left the car running so her five year old son who was in the back would be warm. A pickup pulled up behind the car, and the passanger lept out and jumped in the Nissan and stole it.

If you happen to be in or near the Albertville area and see a teal Nissan Altima on the side of the road, please notify Albertville police at 256-878-1212 or the department of public safety at 334-242-4128, or just dial 911. See the story at,2933,234188,00.html for more details.