I had the need to capture some screen shots, and old Print Screen wasn’t cutting it. I was unable to capture the menus I needed for my documentation. A quick search found a tool so cool I just had to blog about it.

WinSnap, available at has all sorts of features for doing screen captures. It will do rounded corners, allow you to capture in various color schemes, such as grayscale and sepia, and save in all the standard formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png, and tiff). You can also add watermarks, which is cool.

There are more options than I can cover here, most useful is the time delay feature. To capture an image you just click the new snapshot button. WinSnap hides itself, then after a user specified number of seconds it takes a screen capture. By default it is one second, you’ll probably want to bump it up so you have time to get your app like you want it. I’ve found five seconds to be a good default.

Rather than repeating what they already have on their site, I’ll just point you to the features page (

Take a look, this tool will be valuable to anyone who has ever had to capture screen shots. And since it’s free, the price is perfect!